“Solid Support On Every Set” These words characterise the realistic view, which the company’s staff has developed over a long period of practical experience. Egripment’s technical designers, supply the necessary Television and Film experience based on many years of practical work in our Industry.

They see daily, cameramen, crews, operators and technicians, working at a continually higher professional level. In conjunction with this field experience, Egripment has paid a lot of attention over the past 25 years to design and innovation, and ensuring, with on going consultation, that products suits the needs of all markets. The result is the development of a sophisticated series of Egripment Cranes, Dollies, Remote Heads and different tracking systems.


All Egripment products have been designed with all the expected Egripment qualities and safety aspects. All Egripment products go through a severe test program for a minimum period of 6 months before we finally offer you our product.

During the test period every Crane has to go through more then 200 % overload situations and many unrealistic methods of operating. Egripment products are CE certified.


The trust we have in the quality of our products built on an experience of the past 30 years, made us decide to share this benefit with YOU, our prestigious client, with this super offer. Egripment offers a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE on all Dollies and Cranes. With every Dolly or Crane You will receive a registered LIFE TIME GUARANTEE certificate with the validity conditions.


In 1983, Egripment had been awarded a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture and Arts for the design and development of the first Modular Crane system in the world. The Tulip Crane.