205 Remote Head + Joystick/Zoom-Focus Control Package

17.970,00 ex. VAT



The 205 Remote Head offers the same exacting precision and smoothness of motion as our larger 306 Head does, in a much smaller package. With the reduction in camera sizes, it is not always necessary or desirable to use our larger heads, so we now offer the 205 Head to fill this need in our line up.

The 205 Remote Head package includes:

  • 205 Remote Head
  • Break out Box
  • Head Cable
  • Tilt Cable
  • Control Cable
  • Power Supply 24 V (pelicase rainproof)
  • 24V Power Cable
  • Joystick control including power supply (395/CBJ)
  • Zoom-Focus Control (395/CBZ)
  • Connecting Cable Z/F-Joystick
  • Lens Cable Canon Digital
  • Lens Cable Fujinon
  • Olympic Control Cable 50 mtr
  • Flightcase for Head and Controls
  • Packing


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