301 Remote Head for Jimmy Jib Owners

17.045,00 ex. VAT



Upgrade package for Jimmy Jib owners!

With the 301 Remote Head package you can exchange your Jimmy Jib Head for our 301 Remote Head with internal lens motors and a option for intercom.

What is included in the 301 Remote Head package:

  • Break Out Box
  • Head Cable
  • Tilt Cable
  • Main Cable
  • Pan-Tilt Control Joystick incl 1 inch mount
  • Zoom-Focus Control Joystick incl 1 inch mount
  • Electronic Control Unit (adj. speed-reverse-eds)
  • Power Cable Bottom
  • Power Cable Top
  • Power Supply
  • Lens Cable Canon Digital (internal lens motors)
  • Lens Cable Fujinon (internal lens motors)
  • Flightcase for 301 Head
  • Mitchell Mount to Jimmy Jib Mount
  • Packing

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