301 Remote Head + Joystick/Zoom-Focus Control Package

18.880,00 ex. VAT



The 301 Remote Head has all of the features which have become the Trademark of Egripment Remote Heads. It is strong, responsive, easy to use, and has an incredible smoothness of movement. These features include functions such as speed adjustments for pan, tilt and zoom, reverse switches for pan, tilt, zoom and focus, adjustable electronic dampening system (EDS) to ensure a smooth start and stop.

The 301 Remote Head package includes:

  • 301 Remote Head
  • Break out Box
  • Head Cable
  • Tilt Cable
  • Control Cable
  • Power Supply 24 V (pelicase rainproof)
  • 24V Power Cable
  • Joystick control including power supply
  • Zoom-Focus Control (395/CBJ)
  • Connecting Cable Z/F-Joystick (395/CBZ)
  • Lens Cable Canon Digital
  • Lens Cable Fujinon
  • Olympic Control Cable 50 mtr
  • Flightcase for Head and Controls
  • Packing

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